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Hey, My name is Jessica and I just found this community board. I love the goodwill ever since I seen then this past spring. I was living off my friends cd until I got one of my own from that show. That's it, anyone can email or IM me. byes!
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Welcome to the community! It's been kind of dead lately but hopefully it'll liven up soon because the boys are gonna be playing shows again.
Yeah, it would be great if they could come back to delaware. I'm close to philly and NJ (if they are going to have shows there) but I can't drive very good in other states. Though I have been trying to talk some of my friends into going to New York. but unfortanly they are not obsessed as much as me. Very sad:(
They are playing in Jersey in November and they're playing in PA but no Philly dates yet (if there will be).
Yeah I do have a friend I work with. I may be able to talk her into taking me to the show. She goes to NJ to shows all the time.